Saturday, July 26, 2008

"Eco-friendly"! Shuttles and Accomodations

"Eco-friendly"! Shuttles and Accomodations

If you don't have a vehicle or want to leave it behind (in Digby), you can come down to us in Tiverton with Kathleen's Shuttle and Tours.

Kathleen is running a special now through August 8th for only $10!! (each way, to Tiverton)

Digby now has a hostel!!

yeahhhh! ... we have often thought that Digby should have a hostel, but it takes real "passion" and committment to run one. I have travelled A LOT in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Caribbean etc. utilizing hostels (when i was a bachelor!, but my wife says she's willing to try a "private room" at a hostel some time). I actually used to have a hostel ... sort of! I did Bed & Breakfast at my place for 10 years when I started in 1986 and I offered hostel rates to hostelers passing through.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Fog cleared! Humpbacks are HERE!!

Well Folks, the wind came around west and northwest and (finally) blew the fog out!

What a great surprise, there are a number of whales out there, including fin, humpback and Minke.

This particular humpback played around the seaward for a while and then just kept on spyhopping (sticking it's head up out of the water) and swimming around us. The people were quite excited. Here's a couple of short video clips from my digital camera.

Oops, I'm back on to edit this. Apparently they won't play here, you'll have to go to my picassa site.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Whales and Fog! July Whale-watching!

Lots of fog! ... and how many whales?

Who knows!!?? .... because there has been so much fog in late June and early July, it has been very difficult for us to know how many whales are out there!

We have been seeing mostly fin and Minke whales, but yesterday we came across two humpbacks!

When it is foggy like this, the various companies usually spread out our efforts to cover as much different territory as possible. ... and then share the info, increasing the chances for all guests on all boats to see whales. ... WE were the lucky ones to be at the right place at the right time and came across these two large humpbacks.

Our guests (mostly from Ontario and Alberta) were pretty happy! ... and glad they "took the chance, in challenging conditions". ... as one couple put it, ... "we knew it would be worth it just for the ride!" ... BONUS (the whales)!

check out the other photos I saved: